Saturday, September 28, 2013

An Evening with Bill Brennand

Years ago when my Sonerai was based in Oshkosh, I met Bill when he drove past my hanger and stopped to see the little airplane. Over the years Bill would stop by to say chat and see what I was working on. On one such visit, Bill handed me a CD that contained over 300 pictures taken by him or given to him by Steve Wittman, many of them unpublished. Not long after, he dropped by again and handed me a DVD of race footage that he had shot from the same era.

This past year I asked Bill if he would come to the Northwoods race and share those pictures, videos and experiences with us and he happily agreed. Its possibly a once in a lifetime chance to hear and see what it was like to be involved in the old days of air racing from someone that lived it.

A few years ago, Jim Cunningham wrote a book called Bill Brennand: Air Racing and Other Aerial Adventures. Bill is going to bring copies of the book and autograph them. The books will be $25 for a soft cover and $30 for the hardcover version.

Below is a small sample of the pictures. Please join us if can!

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