Monday, October 14, 2013

Northwoods Wrap Up

Well, it took two weeks, but it was worth the effort!

First off, here are the combined unofficial results:

Race 540Scott GusakovGlasair IIISport267.22
Race 411Jeff BarnesRV-6RV Blue224.15
Race 71Bob AxsomRV-6ARV Blue219.59
Race 47Jim WilsonRV-8RV Gold219.97
Race 12Alan CarollRV-8RV Blue216.21
Race 98John KeichMM1Sprint177.02
Race 911Craig HenryPA-30T Twin CommancheTwin 3T176.66
Race 33Alan HughesPA-32 Cherokee 6FAC1FX161.83
Race 47Eric WhytePA-24 CommancheFAC2RG178.92
Race 52Carl FergusonPA-28-150FAC6130.85

Here are a few pictures of both events

Rewind to this picture. I was asked if they were really mad at each other...

To get this picture, I took about 20 of these in which neither one could stop laughing ; )

It was great to have such fierce competitors with us for the event!

The next weekend kicked off with Bill's presentation about air racing in the 40's. It was like re-living history as he mixed video, pictures and stories to transport us back in time. 

One of the more comical stories he told was about what a pilot had to do to qualify to race back then. Each pilot was required (among other things) to demonstrate a 9G pull. Bill was concerned about being able to do so and asked his mentor Steve Wittman how he would be able to withstand that kind of force. Steve said "easy, just pull into the turn and give the G meter a good whack with your knuckles". Bill did so but hit it so hard that it read 12G's and had to reset the meter and do it over ; )

John Keich's MM1 after battle!
No, Bill is not really that short, Mark Hegy is just very tall! Mark and I went to A&P school together back in the day. He is currently building an RV-8 and works with me at Sport Air. 
Jim Wilson raced his stroked IO-360 for the first time. He did great and I suspect we will see more of him and his plane at future races.

Eric Whyte and Craig Henr'y's Comanches (the Dynamic Duo) prepped for battle.

Craig's co-pilot and Niece Victoria Auer.
"Weasel" and Swedemobile
In the end, Eric beat Craig. I like to think that its was because  of his co-pilots ; )
Being the finish line timer has its perks! The keen eye will pick up on the fact that the Comanche has displayed one of its oddball traits...

More details and finish line videos to follow. 

Please forgive any text or formatting errors as blogspot's text and picture editing capabilities, well, suck ; ) 

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